When you’re starting out in business it’s important to say “YES” to as many new opportunities as possible.

Sure, there’s great merit in being intentional about your activities and relationships and goals and what not, but in my experience a “YES” has always brought me more growth (and excitement, quite frankly) than a “NO”.

“YES” has gotten me exposure to new business partners, new revenue streams, new skill sets, and new perspectives. Some people don’t want to do anything other than what they originally set out to do and I think that’s a mistake.

The ability to strategically say “NO” is absolutely something that anyone can employ at any stage of their business journey, but I also think it’s something that is also kind of earned.

I’m talking about saying “NO” to work and to paths that seem less than favorable or less than ideal. Nothing should be beneath anyone.

Which answer has led you down more favorable paths in life? “YES” or “NO”. I’d love to hear from you.


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