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Fenton Joseph

Fenton Joseph

ceo & founder

[Written in the 1st person this time because 3rd person is weird.]

So back in the 2000s I was in a band. The band needed a website. I built the website and unsurprisingly, it was pretty terrible. I kept at it and eventually got good enough that people offered me money to build their websites. “Maybe this could be a business”, I thought. It took years, but I eventually decided to leave corporate America behind and build websites full time.

I landed my first client as a full time web designer: Salt-N-Pepa.

Prior to founding Olive Branch Digital, I managed large scale digital marketing projects for global pharmaceutical brands, oversaw corporate communications for a nationwide mortgage lender, co-founded the world’s first and only Black owned microphone company, and produced music for chart topping artists. I still produce professionally and count well known companies like Ford, Apple, and E-Trade as clients.

As a podcaster I co-produce the top-rated business podcast School’s Over…Now What? hosted by Shawn Anthony, along with hosting a mental wellness & personal development podcast called Products of Circumstance with Ken Skeen.

You can pretty much find me at the intersection of media, technology, and marketing.

I serve as a member of the Board of Directors at the I Have A Dream Foundation, as well as current president of their New York Alumni Association.

I reside in New York’s Hudson Valley with my beautiful family. I’ve never met a brownie I didn’t like.

I am no longer in a band, and my hair has migrated south.

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“Fenton is a true professional. I enjoy knowing him, and I recommend people to him as often as I can as a business consultant. His sites look great, he is a patient and capable web designer. I like all the sites he’s done. He knows his stuff. He is easy to work and is very personable and creative.”

Keith Tully – PowerTies Consulting Group