I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ken Cerini of Cerini & Associates LLP for the Nonprofit Connection Series. ADA website compliance is a very hot topic these days and it was great to get some useful information out to the many nonprofits and small business that tune into the Nonprofit Connection each month.

We discussed what it means for your website to be ADA compliant, the legal dangers of not complying with ADA guidelines, WCAG 2.1, the necessary steps to get your website ADA compliant, and more.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the chat, some helpful resources, and a link to the full discussion on YouTube.

Key Takeaways:

1. Improving accessibility is not just good for business, it improves our society. 1 in 4 Americans are living with a disability which means 1 in 4 Americans experience challenges or discrimination while trying to access basic goods and services. We need to change that.

2. Website remediation does not require exorbitant investments of financial resources or time. Learning the basics and making even small changes to our websites can put us on the right path to making the web a more inclusive destination for all. Try out the resources below to get started.

Educational Resources:
• [Offers certifications] International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)
Accessibe Compliance Overview
Accessibe Blog
• [Video] Understanding Accessibility: WCAG’s 13 Guidelines with Kasey Bonifacio

Web Accessibility Testing Tools:
• [Easy to understand] ACE
• [Advanced users] WAVE
• [Includes a Section 508 specific mode] CynthiaSays

Web Accessibility Remediation Tools:
• [Free] – WP Accessibility
• [Paid] – Accessibe

Full Video on YouTube:

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