Have you heard about the latest business trend? Have you heard that all you need to do to succeed in business today is to create a Facebook business page and start posting Instagram pictures (throw in TikTok too). That’s all. No website needed. Just social media — that’s all you need. That’s crazy! A website is NOT optional. It should be your first step towards success.

Here’s the facts. Relying solely on social media to grow your business won’t get you very far. You need a website. I’m not saying that social media isn’t good for your business. It is, but you can’t count on Instagram and Facebook to get the job done, especially considering that all we do on social media is swipe up to the next piece of content!

Research shows that the majority of business customers start out searching for a vendor by researching online first. Whether they are looking for a product, service or information, they will always go to the source which is usually (sometimes only) the company website. The companies that have successful websites and utilize it properly will always rise to the top when it comes to competitor match-ups. It’s more than just having a website. Its about creating an experience for your customer to want to engage with your products/services and also receive pertinent company information.

You could lose customers, clients, and business by not positioning yourself as an expert and having a website that is capable of growing with your business. Making sure your business has a strong online presence will be one of the most important things you do in 2022.

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