Random PSA:

Building websites is an incredible blend of art and science, enriched by a surprisingly generous allotment of: “OMG….OMG….no….n..n..n..nooo!!”

Things break for no apparent reason. Tasks that (to the uninitiated) should take 5 minutes, take 5 hours. Every solution seems incredibly simple, after a 3 days journey up a snowy mountainside to summon an oracle to offer said solution.

I’m probably a little crazy, but I do love what I do.

Some things you just can’t read in a book. You have to experience them.

People who know the right answers usually gave the wrong answer the first time and had to learn from that mistake.

All that to say:

Before you hire a designer/developer ask how long they’ve been at it. You definitely want to hire someone who’s crazy enough to stick with this madness for a long time. The short term players will short you every time. [Kanye shrug]

I am a fan of Olive Branch Digital! They have an excellent reputation. Fenton cares deeply about his projects. It is easy to refer business when the product and attention to detail is pristine!”

Kathleen Troy

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